Infinity Kit


30mm heavy duty extrusion frames form the ‘square’ portion of the Infinity kit, when combined with all the tube, clamping, mounts and support options it gives the ultimate in modular camera support systems.

Universal Carrier

The basis of our universal mounting system the Universal carrier accepts all of our inserts, including - 150mm bowl, Levelling head, Moy/Mitchell mount and a Cheeseplate. It attaches to the frames via nylon runners with machined tenons for smooth adjustment and accurate placement.


Available inserts for the Universal carrier include 150mm bowl, Levelling head, Moy/Mitchell mount and a Cheeseplate.

Frame clamps

The index frame clamp locks in either the perpendicular or parallel positions whilst the pivot clamp is adjustable to any angle. Both clamps are secured in the frame channel via a tenon and quality stainless steel bolts and a stainless steel locking bar.


32mm (1-1/4”) thick wall aluminium tube, internal threads both ends, lengths available - 75mm,150mm, 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm


Designed and machined in house our 90mm foot has a stainless steel 3/8ths bolt with locking nut, a machined acetal base and high density neoprene non marking foam pad.

Angle bracket

An incredibly strong frame to frame connection with a tenon that sits in the extrusion channel, a shoulder on the frame face and quality stainless fasteners and locking bar.

Infinity kit standard contents

1 x 1500mm Frame
2 x 600mm Frame
1 x 400mm Frame
4 x L Clamp - frame to frame
1 x Universal carrier
1 x Insert Cheeseplate
12 x Index tube clamp - 32mm
4 x Pivot clamp - 32mm
4 x 90T Tube clamp

2 x Angle bracket
8 x Tube 2 tube connector
16 x Tube 2 3/8ths connector
12 x Pivot foot
8 x 150mm Rig tube
4 x 300mm Rig tube
4 x 600mm Rig tube
2 x 900mm Rig tube
2 x 1200mm Rig tube

About Set Equip Ltd

Founded in 2011 to supply a range of modular camera and rigging accessories, we design and manufacture all of our components in house. Using state of the art CAD/CAM software along with our Multi axis CNC machines we can ensure strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. We also offer a select few third party products that complement our own.

With over 100 years combined experience in the film and aerospace industries we have a unique perspective when it comes to engineering solutions for the film and television industry.


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