Twin beam cantilevered camera support

The harrier is a twin beam, cantilevered, counter balanced, offset camera support system - or a twin tube replacement if you prefer! Due to the extending counter balance capability the unit is small but incredibly rigid with many camera and support mounting options.


Based on the same extrusion system as the Infinity kit frames the Harriers’s 30mm x 60mm chassis is more than up to even the heaviest camera set ups.


Frame to Moy spindle mount, spin the hand wheel to nip up and then use the top bolt to tighten - no fiddling around underneath to secure

Universal carrier

The very same unit used in our infinity kit, the unit can be mounted on top or underneath the support frame. Insert mounting options include cheeseplate, moy, 150mm bowl and our levelling head.


The Harrier is counterbalanced with its extending twin tube system that can be weighted using sand bags or the like. It is also possible to clamp or strap the end plate to a suitable object to achieve the desired stability.


Once again demonstrating the modularity of our system the Harrier can be further supported and secured using the frame clamps and Infinity kit rig tube in any desired configuration.

About Set Equip Ltd

Founded in 2011 to supply a range of modular camera and rigging accessories, we design and manufacture all of our components in house. Using state of the art CAD/CAM software along with our Multi axis CNC machines we can ensure strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. We also offer a select few third party products that complement our own.

With over 100 years combined experience in the film and aerospace industries we have a unique perspective when it comes to engineering solutions for the film and television industry.


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